Unleash The Power Within (UPW) is a 4-day event designed to support participants unlock the forces inside of them so they can break through limiting beliefs and create the lives they want.

Having experienced the event myself in March 2021, I was thrilled to be selected to be a Crew Member at UPW one year later, in March 2022.

Why I signed up to Crew

Crewing is all about “servant leadership- a blend of serving and leading. As the saying goes:

If service is beneath you, leadership is beyond you.

All crew members are volunteers. So, why do it?

My desired outcome when I joined the Tony Robbins Community Program was to support participants, especially those just beginning their personal development journeys.

As Crew, you assist those attending UPW by creating a fun, loving and supportive environment.

Seeing the difference made in my own life, I was buzzed to see the impact crewing would make-  actively implementing what I learned by supporting others as they worked through the content.

But, would I get anything out of it for myself?

Well, I realised it would be a great opportunity to use advanced coaching techniques, develop my leadership skills, bring my passion, energy, talents and insights to those attending UPW, helping them to create life-changing experiences, while learning and growing myself in the process.

I got all of these things, and more (keep reading to find out!).

The Application Process

Like any role, there was an application process.

In order to apply, you must have attended a UPW Virtual in the past. As I had been a participant in 2021, I was eligible. My mum Esther had shared the experience with me and here we are, a bit blurry after being awake for hours but still feeling energised!

The first step of the process was completing a Crew Request form, filling in relevant details and outlining why I wanted to crew. You can apply here at Tony Robbins’ Crew: Become a Crew Member Today!

Once through to the next stage, an email set out specific instructions for technical tasks to be completed. An additional application form also had to be filled out to proceed.

Some days later, I was thrilled when I received this email:

What happened next?

The run up to the event

The week before UPW, it was so exciting to connect with fellow-crew members for training in using the software that runs the event.

We also completed further training covering all important crew- related information the Sunday in advance of the event.

The Crew Director, Jonathan and Crew Manager, Julie are a wonderful duo and made the sessions fun and entertaining (their comedic timing is impeccable!). Their passion and expertise filtered down to all of us 250 Crew members and it was a real pleasure working with them. We shared many laughs as we gave of our best at the event.

In addition to core crew duties, I signed up to a registration shift. Registration takes place in the few days before UPW.  I welcomed some of the 30,000 attendees and answered any questions that they had about the upcoming event. Before registering them, it was important to conduct a tech-check to make sure that they could participate fully and get the most out of the event. Each shift was three hours long, and it was certainly among the quickest few hours of my life as I registered hundreds of participants!

The event itself and what I learned from crewing at UPW

UPW kicked off on St. Patrick’s Day- a great omen for me, an Irish lassie. After an early celebration with family here in Dublin, it was wonderful to log into my laptop and get set up, ready to have fun, learn and connect with people from all over the world!

As was the case each day, the crew met in advance of the event. Information and insights were shared and most importantly, we supported each other to get in state and keep energy levels high as the music played and the party got started!

Here are some of the main takeaways I got from working at UPW:

1. Generosity and kindness of others

This event re-enforced that there is more good out there than bad in our world- an important reminder with everything currently happening on our planet. 

Crew, Senior Leaders and Trainers were all so supportive and encouraging throughout the event and it was lovely to be in the presence of people so invested in personal growth.

It was also beautiful to see participants be there for each other, offer words of kindness to those struggling, or share information that may have been missed by others.

People were so appreciative. I received such lovely messages of thanks throughout the event from those I worked with and it was wonderful to know I had been of service.

2. You are more resourceful than you realise

I knew that I had signed up to a challenge and would be working 12 hours plus each day of the event. This meant I’d be up ’til 4am some days as the event was US time, or “Tony Time” as its affectionately called.

Whenever I felt my energy start to wane, it was the best time to implement the learnings from UPW. As Tony says, “motion creates emotion” and changing your physiology boosts your energy, confidence, gets you feeling good and puts you in a great state. Knowing that others were depending on me to guide them made it easier to re-energise myself.

Sustaining high energy supported me in doing all of my tasks- crewing certainly requires flexibility, an ability to remain calm under pressure and communicate effectively. It reminded me that I am capable of learning quickly, pushing through obstacles and thinking on my feet. That my potential is expansive. All of our potential is.

3. Always be learning

Crewing provided a wonderful opportunity to refresh my knowledge of last year’s event.

I had been practicing what I learned and regularly re-visiting my notes during the year, yet there was something different about hearing the content again.

Because I wasn’t present for each part due to crew duties, the elements I heard were particularly impactful and contained the messages I feel I was meant to take away at that time. And of course, there was some fantastic new content too!

As crew, we also learnt so much about running an event, sales and marketing and the different systems involved in making it all a success- very helpful for business owners and those with an entrepreneurial spirit!

 4. The power of transformation

The most memorable moments of the event for me were supporting participants with the exercises, especially with their break-boarding. During this process, participants write down their limiting beliefs on a piece of wood and literally smash through them!

I remember how I felt nervous before mine and elated afterwards- check out what happened here:

 Break-boarding at Tony Robbins UPW

It was a real privilege to witness the transformational moments of hundreds of people on screen as they were guided through meditations and visualisations.

As I looked at their faces, I could see the powerful effect on all of these individuals, the good in humanity, the capabilities, the love.

When you go through the process yourself, it’s obviously impossible to have this experience and it was like witnessing a miracle. I could see why people came back to crew again and again to see others have these transformational experiences. It’s like the joy you experience when you see people opening presents, yet on a much larger scale!

The most wonderful thing was being selected to be the Welcome Queen for the children’s belief-transformation event- “The Kids’ Dickens Process”.

It was an incredible experience welcoming almost 500 children from all over the world, supporting them to feel safe to participate and share.

What amazing insights they had and wisdom beyond their years!

One little girl had a message about bullying that no doubt had a positive impact on the hundreds of children present. It was just beautiful.

I also never thought when I applied up to Crew that I would be using my children’s entertaining and ballooning skills, but there you go- nothing is wasted!

5. Leadership is about helping others

I also learned so much more about leadership.

Crewing at UPW reinforced the fact that being a leader means looking out for others and doing the work that others may not want to do.

A true leader is one who offers certainty and support, inspires by sharing their own experiences and encourages others to draw on their own skillsets, step out of their comfort zone and reach their full potential.

Would I do it again?

In a heartbeat.

I met extraordinary people, both participants and fellow Team Tony members.

I am still amazed, but not surprised at how strong connections can be built up virtually.

As I work for myself, it was wonderful being part of a global team again for the few days.

The wonderful thing about it is, it’s not just for the week as I’m now part of the Tony Robbins Crew Community!

It’s genuinely a really great place to be with lots of wonderful, supportive people from all over the world committed to their personal growth, passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives.

As the event ended and we had our crew party to celebrate, I came away feeling alive, energised, motivated, fulfilled at the work done and ready to take more action. It was after 4am Irish time, yet I couldn’t go to sleep- proof that energy is contagious and creates more energy!

As Tony Robbin says;

“It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute… that gives meaning to our lives.”

This quote perfectly sums up my experience crewing at UPW virtual- a powerful reminder to live each day full of energy and gratitude, connecting with and being there for others. That is what life is about.

And once we realise this,