Gain clarity about what you really want.

Overcome what’s holding you back from next level success.

Create more balance and enjoyment along the way.

What’s your business in life? 

Every person is here for a reason, a purpose bigger than they are. 

There is something you were born to do. Something that only you can do.

What is it? 

Perhaps you’ve found it already and have dedicated yourself to working on your mission. 

Maybe you’ve been successful in other fields, other areas of business, but are not truly fulfilled and are ready to embark on your next venture.

Either way, how can you best use your skills and talents to change the world?

Whatever you are here to do, it can be difficult navigating to your next level of success on your own. You may feel hesitant, lonely, suffer from self-doubt and imposter syndrome. What’s more, you might have too many options in front of you and be struggling to make a choice, unsure of what move to make next. All of these things, as you know, can keep you stuck, hold you back and prevent you from achieving your vision. 

This is where I come in.

Charlotte Keating



My name is Charlotte Rose Keating and I work with Transformational Leaders- those entrepreneurs and business owners who are forging a new path and disrupting the status quo, the movers and shakers of their industries, people who are making a positive impact in the world right now, the innovators who desire to leave a legacy for the future.

I coach visionaries who’ve already achieved incredible things, who do not need coaching, but know that the support they get from a professional coach will enable them to dream bigger and take the risks and actions needed to make those dreams become a reality.

I will help you to hold your vision and bring it to fruition. Take the next step and get in touch with me.

“Charlotte listened, asked the right questions… She really helped me put a plan in place. It’s made a huge impact and I’m really getting traction and getting results.” Read more success stories