Success Stories

“I was lucky enough to get coached by Charlotte Keating from Act On It Coaching recently and it was a great experience.

I had lots of disparate ideas and goals and she really made me focus in on them.

Charlotte listened, asked the right questions and got me to do the thinking and come up with the answers. She really helped me put a plan in place. It’s made a huge impact and I’m really getting traction and getting results. So thank you, Charlotte! I would highly recommend you to anybody.”

Robert Webster, Writer/Director

“In an operational trading team environment, good communication is essential. We engaged Charlotte Keating from Act On It Coaching to run a 2-hour workshop to enhance communications across the team.

The main concerns with this undertaking were: would there be tangible outcomes at the end and would it be worth the investment of time and money?


Charlotte took the time to understand our organisation, and worked with us to develop a tailored programme that suited our requirements. The end result was a session that was interactive and engaging. A combination of practical exercises and thought-provoking discussions helped the team realise themselves what to do in various scenarios, rather than have someone tell them. Individuals actively reflected on how to improve in advance of the next exercise, so you could really see the learning taking place in the room.


The session was so simple and enjoyable, the takeaways from the exercises could easily be remembered in practice.”

Chloe Kinsella, Managing Director, Cenergise

“In 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte Keating when she was one of my students attending the Mindstream Life Coaching Certificate Course. Charlotte immediately connected with her fellow students in the group and embraced the coach training process fully with an open, positive and compassionate nature, bringing valuable insight and participation to all group and individual learning. As a professional coach myself, it is always wonderful to see an individual student showing passion, commitment and a natural ability to use effective coaching skills during their training.


It was no surprise to me when Charlotte continued on her coaching journey to become a professional Life Coach and launch Act On It Coaching upon completion of her Life Coaching Diploma. Working with Charlotte one to one as her coach and mentor I am so proud to see her flourish both personally and professionally.


Charlotte brings many wonderful aspects to her coaching business including her positive, light, happy, kind and caring nature, her insight and knowledge in her niche area of coaching and her innate desire to help others. Clients working with Charlotte will experience the unique magical essence that Act On It Coaching provides to individuals and groups.


Well done Charlotte- I am excited to see your business grow and develop.”

Bee Flanagan, Accredited Master Coach, What Will Be With Bee


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